Ian Demack

Ian MediatorOne of the greatest gifts we can offer another person is our full attention.

We find ourselves in conflict when we stop listening to others. The tragedy is that our turning away hurts us as much as it hurts them. We shut ourselves off from experiences which nurture us: being heard, being understood. As a mediator, Ian helps his clients recover the grace and compassion they need to offer each other their full attention.

Ian has enjoyed over twenty years’ experience in a wide variety of HR roles: workplace training, organisational change, group facilitation, performance management, team building, leadership development, recruitment, and conflict resolution. This has given him a rich appreciation of human nature, and deepened his sense of compassion. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a sense of calmness to every mediation.

As the author of The Modern Machiavelli: The Seven Principles of Power In Business, Ian also possesses a sophisticated and unblinkered awareness of workplace politics. This adds an extra dimension to his mediations. When he meets people who misuse their power, he helps them understand the reasons for and the consequences of their behaviour. When he meets people who feel oppressed, he shows them how to reclaim their power. As a mediator, Ian can help all parties regain their rightful place within their team.

Here’s some feedback from one of Ian’s clients:

On a number of occasions I, as Regional Business Manager engaged Ian to work with staff in both Canberra and Queensland to help overcome some of the “blockers” and uncertainties staff had following the direction (our section) was going.

Ian spent time with staff individually prior to the sessions, both seeking information and building a relationship with them. In Canberra particularly there was a great deal of resistance and distrust among the staff and the work Ian has done with me and with these people has really assisted in moving closer to my desired outcomes. –J.B., Canberra