Doreen Awabdy

Doreen-WebsiteDoreen’s early life is shrouded in myth and mystery. Some say she was genetically pre-programmed to emulate the feats of Clara Barton, the entrepreneurial teacher, health worker and founder of the American Red Cross. Others believe she was created in a laboratory by a secret society of behaviourists hell-bent on humanising the perception of scientists. The truth, however, is far less dramatic.

Doreen’s parents simply taught her that she could be whatever she chose—that her potential was unlimited. Taking their faith in her to heart, Doreen earned an undergraduate degree in Science, with majors in Neuroscience and Pyschology. She put her newfound knowledge to work in the fields of research commercialisation, science education and development, pausing along the way to co-found Women in Biotechnology, a visionary organisation that cultivates networks and advocates for women in executive positions. Doreen also found time to pursue a Research Higher Degree in Neuroscience; she is currently completing her PhD as a specialist in Brain Development and Cognition.

Throughout her career Doreen has planned and supported the development of sustainable startups. In such a frenetic environment where everyone was focused on achieving the team’s objectives, the fundamental skills of listening, observing, refining and adapting were rare commodities. This experience taught Doreen a great deal about need for harmonious workplaces, and the courage it takes to inspire workplace change.

It also showed her the benefits of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a powerful communication process that allows people in conflict to appreciate and address each others’ needs. Doreen discovered that she had a gift for listening to others, and helping them resolve disagreements. Whether encouraging one person to make a simple change to his or her behaviour, or addressing a multifaceted problem in a new business, Doreen has proven her ability to bring people together to serve a common cause. Because in the competitive world of research and commercialisation, you can’t afford to lose time in unproductive conflict.

So Doreen brings a unique range of skills to Brisbane Workplace Mediations team. She speaks the language of education, science, and emergent technologies. She can bring an ambitious plan to fruition by working with people. She knows that the most productive workplaces are those where people bring a sense of playfulness and curiosity to their daily tasks. And she no longer wants to be the next Clara Barton. Being Doreen Awabdy is more than enough for her.