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Conflict is costly. Costly if you’re caught up in the dispute, as your health, self-confidence and work performance can suffer. Costly if you’re an innocent bystander, as you risk becoming embroiled yourself. Costly if you’re a team leader or manager, as you find yourself buffeted by the tensions and emotions that accompany workplace conflict. Moreover, conflict is costly for your organisation. Workplace conflict can lead to increased absenteeism, lowered staff morale, and lost productivity.

Brisbane Workplace Mediations specialises in mediating workplace conflicts. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of your workplace. Because each conflict is unique, we speak with all the parties involved—the staff members in dispute, their managers, and your HR professionals—before conducting a mediation session. We identify the issues underpinning the conflict, and determine the likelihood of the mediation succeeding. We discuss our findings with the managers and with HR before proceeding to mediation between the conflicted parties.

At every stage of the process, we focus on your needs, and the needs of all the other personnel involved in the conflict. By understanding each person’s individual perceptions and emotional state, we craft a mediation session that respects the individual circumstances of each participant, that allows the critical issues to be placed on the table, and which enables everyone to work together to solve their shared problems. To find out more about our unique approach to mediation, click here.

Because conflict can sometimes point to other issues within an organisation, Brisbane Workplace Mediations also offers follow-up consulting services. As skilled practitioners in the fields of learning and development, group facilitation, executive coaching and change management, we can tailor an intervention strategy to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Contact us today to discover how we can help you build an open and resilient culture in your workplace.

Brisbane Workplace Mediations does not provide mediation services for family court matters, industrial disputes or contract issues. Our mediation services focus solely on restoring damaged relationships within the workplace. Should you require a mediator to assist you through a family break-up, or to resolve a corporate contract dispute, please contact our friends at Brisbane Mediations.